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In these five sections, we have tried to convey the minimum necessary information for working with our speech therapies.

The section \”Sound staging\” provides general concepts of speech counseling for your child, basic methods and principles for making sounds using speech therapist probes.

The section \”Methods of setting sounds\” summarizes the specific techniques of the setting with various speech defects. Here it is clearly stated exactly which staging speech therapist probe sounds a certain sound or sound. This article outlines the main methods for working with the following tools:
prognostic speech therapies based on the method of FA Raú and
probe speech therapist staging according to the method of LSVolkova

The section \”Logopedic stimulants\”. Here is information on the methods of speech therapist work with logopedic stimulants.

The chapter \”Logopedic massage\” describes the principles of working with massage therapist probe. The section information is informative. Detail probe massage is described in the methodical book \”Speech therapist massage\” by O.V.Novikova

The section \”Processing of speech therapist tools\” describes the rules for pre-sterilization purification, sterilization and storage of speech therapy probes

Processing of speech therapist tools

Pre-sterilization cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Probes are resistant to: pre-sterilization purification consisting of preliminary rinse with running drinking water SSU 2874 for 0.5 ± 0.1 min, soaking in a solution of ethyl alcohol 76% at a temperature of 20 ± 10 ºС for 15 ± 1 min, washing in an aqueous solution containing ethyl alcohol […]

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Logopedic stimulants “Logostimulon”

Logostimulons-stretchers are intended for direct massage and stretching of the hyoid and labiodental ligament without surgical intervention. Being a directed stimulus, logostimulons cause muscle relaxation, increase microcirculation, and activate lymph and blood circulation of the articulation apparatus. During directed massage, there is an increase in the blood filling of the peripheral vessels of the irritated […]

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Methods of setting sounds

Production of sounds with the help of probes Rau F.A. The making of wheezing sounds Interdental sigmatism To sound the sound [s], probe No. 2 is used (motor-kinesthetic sensations are included in the work).  The probe is inserted first flat, and then pushes the tongue into the mouth to the base of the lower incisors and […]

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Sound staging

Production of sounds is the process of developing a new dynamic stereotype (correct phoneme articulation). First, it is necessary to teach the child to reproduce the phoneme at least in isolation. Relying on different analyzers greatly facilitates the reproduction of new articulation. The process of creating sounds is based on the implementation of the following […]

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