LOGOZON speech therapy probes

The LOGOZON company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality speech therapy probes. It was founded in Zaporozhye in 2006.

Currently, all LOGOZON products are manufactured on the RBM2 3D automated production line with computer numerical control, specially designed to form complex 3-dimensional stainless steel products with specified physical and mechanical properties.

In 2018, the enterprise introduced a standard for the manufacture of each tool according to quality indicators according to the technical conditions developed by our specialists. These specifications stipulate the technical requirements for materials, preparation of blanks, mechanical formation of working parts, winding and crimping handles, grinding and polishing surfaces of speech therapy probes, quality control of production and finished products, conditions for storage of finished products, rules for making changes and additions to technical terms.

Our regular partners are more than 200 enterprises in Ukraine and abroad. Our products are exported in accordance with international law and Ukrainian law for more than 10 years.

The pricing policy of the company provides for fixing a lowered retail price for speech therapy probes for speech therapists of Ukraine, which allows each specialist to purchase new speech therapy tools for personal use that meet high quality standards.

The LOGOZON company makes additional discounts and gifts for “special” parents.

In the logopedic center of the LOGOZON company there is scientific consultant who are constantly engaged in the development and testing of new types of products.