Speech therapy probe by the method of Pyliaieva № 4 “Logomila” with a silicone balls


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Intended for performing myogymastic complexes for spasticity and insufficient mobility of the tongue muscles in children of preschool and primary school age with dysarthria, impaired speech and hearing, rhinolalia, alalia, as well as in adults with post-stroke aphasia and uncompensated dysarthria.

It is used to stimulate the lateral edges of the tongue in order to improve muscle tone and contractility. Active stimulation of the lateral edges with heavy stainless balls increases the mobility of the tongue up and down, pressing the weakened lateral edges of the tongue, lifting them in the direction of the upper teeth.

The use of the probe helps to develop static postures of “cup”, “slide”, “mushroom”, allowing to influence the longitudinal and transverse muscles of the tongue, restoring their dynamic capabilities. Activates the proprioceptive impulse of the muscles of the articulation apparatus.