Logopedic stimulants “Logostimulon”

Logostimulons-stretchers are intended for direct massage and stretching of the hyoid and labiodental ligament without surgical intervention. Being a directed stimulus, logostimulons cause muscle relaxation, increase microcirculation, and activate lymph and blood circulation of the articulation apparatus. During directed massage, there is an increase in the blood filling of the peripheral vessels of the irritated area and an increase in blood flow in the large and small vessels located in this area. The patency of small vessels also improves, which allows you to effectively use these tools for people of many categories.

Indications for use:

for children with speech disorders (dyslalia, dysarthria, alalia, stuttering, rhinolalia, aphasia, tachylalia, ZPR, presence of tonic convulsions);
children and adults with cerebral palsy, for persons with impaired blood circulation of the articulation apparatus in the postoperative and adaptation period (after surgical correction of the hyoid ligament in childhood);
people who have suffered a stroke, have disorders of the innervation and blood supply of the articulation apparatus (paresis, paralysis, tremor of the muscles of the articulation apparatus, hypotonia and hypertension of the muscles of the tongue and lips);
for children and adults with dental and jaw anomalies that do not require surgical intervention.
Application method:

  1. Massage with logostimulons should be started no earlier than an hour after a meal to avoid increased gag reflex and increased salivation.
  2. Massage complexes should preferably be performed lying on the couch, the head should be slightly raised (you can put a small roller under the neck).
  3. The first massage complex is recommended to be performed in a soft mode, before the onset of mild pain.
  4. The massage should be performed in a warm, ventilated room, without extraneous noise, to avoid sudden movements of the patient.
  5. After the massage, the patient should be covered and left alone on the couch for 15 minutes.

Perform special massage complexes for different muscles of the articulation apparatus (within pain tolerance) for 40-60 seconds per complex, over the course of 3-5-10 days. After that, there is a break for 5-7 days and the massage complex is repeated again. To achieve a more pronounced effect during massage, it is recommended to perform special exercises to activate or relax these muscles of the articulation apparatus.

Each of the presented tools is unique, because it allows you to deeply influence different groups of articulatory muscles separately.

Logostimulon – stretcher No. 1 – is intended for correction and elasticity of the labial and hyoid ligaments at the preparatory stage of corrective work.

Logostimulon – extensor No. 2 – is intended for correction of the elasticity of the thickened hyoid ligament without surgical intervention. It is also used to prepare the tongue muscles before producing upper-lingual sounds and affricates in children and adults with various speech defects.

Logostimulon – stretcher No. 3 – is intended for sufficient stretching of the shortened hyoid ligament at the final stage of correction work.


These tools can be used in the work of a speech therapist, neurologist, speech therapist – aphasiologist with children and adults at various stages of correctional work.


Fungal diseases of the oral cavity, stomatitis, hematomas on the head, benign and malignant formations, active form of tuberculosis, various blood diseases, furunculosis, vascular thrombosis, allergic diseases, Quincke’s disease, infectious diseases, epilepsy and skin hypersensitivity.