Logopedic massage

Probe №1 “Fork”

Probe №1 “Fork” is intended for muscle contraction. The ends of the probe are blunted and polished, which eliminates damage to the muscles. Sharpening is done by short, frequent, easy movements.
More intense effects can be achieved by applying a peeling method with pumping: put the probe in a certain place and shake it to the right, left, back in 4 – 6 seconds.Another option: by pressing the probe to the muscle, rotate clockwise. Pressure time 5 seconds. The probe does not tear from the point of contact
As a result of the scissors, the muscles are actively reduced.

Probe №2 “Eight”

Probe №2 “Eight” is designed for rubbing the muscles. Pressing the loop on the muscles (deep immersion of the probe), move up and down 6 times. The probe does not tear from the point of contact. Then move for a short distance and massage the next area. The probe droops the muscles, shaking on the ground and forcing them to work actively. You can use the “eight” for intense muscular pressure. Pressure time – 5 seconds.

Probe №3 “Big sledges”

Probe № 4 “Medium sledges”

Probe № 5 “Small sledges”

With the help of probes №3 “Big sledges”, № 4 “Medium sledges”, № 5 “Small sledges”, the same massage techniques are performed, but the seizure of the massage area and the intensity of the onset of them are different. In addition, the probe number 5 (side 2) performs spring-loaded rotary movements. In one place do five movements resembling ball jumps, with deepening in the muscles and moving upwards. Probe to a certain place and shake it to the right, left, back for 4 – 6 seconds. Another option: immersing the probe into the muscles, to rotate clockwise. Pressure time 5 seconds. The probe does not tear from the point of contact.

Probe №6 “Hatchet”

Probe №6 “Hatchet” is actively used during massage. It covers a large (in comparison with the above-described probes) surface and intensely affects the muscular apparatus.
The probe is designed to perform two techniques – pressing (“cutting” of the muscles) and slipping through the muscles (imitation of the shaving process).
Under the influence of pressure, the tone of the muscles normalizes, their contractile ability increases, and mobility increases. The degree of onset depends on the state of the muscles: the lower the tonus, the more intense it should be. Pressing frequent movements, intervals between them are short. Pressure time – 5 seconds. Slipping improves elasticity and elasticity of the muscles, relieves tension.

Probe №6 “Cross”

Probe №6 “Cross” is used to compress the muscles, causing their reduction. With the help of the “cross”, the following are performed:

  • Pushing movements (pressing), pressure time – 5 seconds.
  • Spring rotary moves forward – back (pumping). After making 5 to 6 movements at one point, move the probe a short distance and massage the next area.
  • Pushing circular motions to the right – to the left (twisting the probe into the muscles), the pressure time – 5 seconds.

Probe №6 “Pusher”

Probe №8 “Pusher” is used for massage of various muscles of the forearm, restoring their mobility and elasticity.

At the end of the probe there is a loop. When pushed, there is an active reduction of the muscles, when the probe is removed, the tension disappears, a phase of relaxation comes. Part time – 5 seconds.
More intense effects can be achieved using the push-to-push method: the probe is set to a certain location and scrolls with a clockwise push-in for 5 seconds. The degree of pressure depends on the distance of the muscles.

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